Sunday, December 5, 2010

All We Grow by S. Carey


S. Carey or also known as Sean Carey, one of the members from the band Bon Iver. All We Grow is the brain child of S. Carey first attempt of his music vision. All We Grow may not be jaw dropping but it definitely is beautiful. It is a melancholy record, powered by the piano and Carey’s haunting vocals. 00 All we grow

The whole album is pretty much soaked with instrumental occasionally with Carey’s whispering vocal. Comparing with Justin Vernon the lead for Bon Iver, Carey’s vocal is ‘lighter’. It does carry a certain degree of mournful notes but it does not sound like Vernon voice which is very sad and heavy. Carey’s voice is soothing and light for the heart. His music is made for the scene after the heavy downpour with water droplets falling from the tips of the leaves. It is the calmness after the storm.

“Mothers” is a melancholy track and one can’t help to notice a hint of Bon Iver influence on this track. Nevertheless, the rich vocals in this song is pretty impressive as it create such a harmonious track.  “We Fell” and “In the Dirt” are both tracks that heavily embraced the beauty of piano with the whispering of Carey’s vocal.


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